• Ebook conversion — $150
  • Premium cover design — $150
  • Library of Congress registration — $150
  • Editorial Analysis — $150
  • Handwritten page conversion — $4 per page
  • Image enhancement service — $7.50 per image
  • Marketing Materials — $350
  • Add 15 pages — $75
  • Add 5 digital images — $50
  • Hard cover — $150


Ebook Conversion

This upgrade is quickly becoming a standard must-have in the modern, tech-savvy world. By adding an eBook upgrade, we will create a fixed format ePub and .pdf that can be uploaded to various online bookstores like Amazon and iBooks for sale. You can help set the list price and increase the ways your book reaches the world.

Who We Recommend This For:

An ebook conversion is perfect for an author who wants to bring his book to a wider market without requiring buyers to drive to a bookstore or wait for a product in the mail. Currently, there are hundreds of millions of devices ready to download and read a book at a moment’s notice. Ebooks are certainly the way of the future, and their popularity only continues to increase.

Editorial Analysis

During Editorial Analysis, an editor evaluates a select portion of your manuscript, giving you a breakdown its strengths and weaknesses. This evaluation focuses largely on ways to improve spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, formatting, and syntax, ensuring the work is printed as clearly as possible and without error. Based on your manuscript sample, we will produce a project-specific quote, detailing the cost to professionally proofread your book in its entirety. If your Editorial Analysis concludes there are no errors in your work, you may opt to forego professional proofreading for the rest of your manuscript. This review does not include content analysis, quality appraisal, or anticipated market value for your work.

Who We Recommend This For:

Editorial Analysis is a great service for authors wanting to ensure the most professional-quality presentation for their content. Especially when marketing your book in a retail environment, it is imperative to have a finished product without any errors. Editorial Analysis will help gauge your book’s readiness for print and advise what revisions are necessary. We always recommend a second set of eyes—preferably with an English degree or editing background—look over your book before it is published. Editorial Analysis is a great option for authors without access to a proofreader who can professionally edit their manuscripts before publication.

Premium Cover

A premium cover is just what it sounds like—a custom design, specifically crafted for your book and meant to be as unique as the pages it contains. Our talented graphic artists will use your personal vision to develop an eye-catching cover intended to capture your buyers’ attention and readers’ imaginations.

Who We Recommend This For:

A premium cover is critical for authors with a very specific vision or those looking to incorporate their book cover into a larger marketing plan. Your cover greatly impacts a reader’s first impression and influences his or her perception of the contents inside. Even though the saying is not to judge a book by its cover, the truth is, most people do.

Handwritten Manuscript Keying

Yes, we accept handwritten manuscripts! In fact, we accept all types of manuscripts. If your work is not computer accessible, that’s no problem! Our talented and eager staff is ready to reformat your work and bring it into the digital age. Once we receive your hard-copy manuscript, we can convert it to a computer file with ease.

Who We Recommend This For:

Handwritten manuscript keying is necessary for authors who do not have their work saved as a digital file, i.e., in Microsoft Word or similar format.

Image Enhancement Service:

Every photographer will tell you it’s extraordinarily rare to take the perfect picture. With our enhancement service, you may not have to. Allow our graphic designers to bring out the best in your digital photographs. We can also take your hard-copy pictures and convert them to clean, digital images to be added to your book.

Who We Recommend This For:

Image enhancement is a good option if you have images needing to be cropped or touched up by our graphic design team. Most personal photographs have dust, smudges, scratches, or other marks that will appear in your book if they are not addressed. We also recommend this service for digital images requiring any type of color correction or stylistic effects.

Marketing Materials:

Whether you’re looking to build excitement before your new book release or provide promotional material at its first reading, our marketing package will help you maximize your impact. You’ll receive custom-designed business cards, bookmarks, and flyers—all geared toward promoting your work and catching the eye of prospective readers.

Who We Recommend This For:

Marketing materials are a great idea for authors who are planning a release event for their book or who want to announce its launch within their communities.