Digital Images & Photographs

  • • Please make sure the images are saved in a standard format (such as .jpg, .jpeg, .tiff, .tif, .bmp, .gif, or .png).
  • • Digital images should be saved at 300 dpi in order to reproduce well (if you are scanning any images, they should also be scanned at 300 dpi). The same applies to any photo taken on a smartphone.
  • • Clear photographs are important! While we do have the ability to enhance and refine images, we can only work with what is already there. We cannot sharpen a blurry image or add detail to a low-resolution image.
  • • Small digital pictures will appear small in the book. Although we can easily reduce large images, it is much more difficult to enlarge tiny images without hurting the reproductive quality of the photograph.

Hard-copy Images & Photographs

  • • Make sure all artwork and photographs are clear, high-quality images (how it looks when you submit it is how it will look to anyone reading your book).
  • • Include a sheet detailing where you want each image to appear. Providing corresponding poems or pages for your artwork is extremely helpful to us during the layout phase.
  • • If your images require captions, please include these with their corresponding photos.
  • • Important: If at all possible, please avoid sending your only copy of an important image. Try using a resource like the public library, Kinkos, Staples, or Office Depot to scan or digitize your items. This will ensure your original copies remain safe.
  • • If scanning your images isn’t an option, please make sure you package them securely and use a tracking method to guarantee their safe arrival in our office.



Stock Cover

Eber & Wein provides a variety of high-quality, pre-designed book covers. Each cover can be customized with your title and name on the front, as well as a picture and write-up about yourself (or a description of your book) on the back. Review the covers and select your favorite. Note the corresponding ID number and mark it on your order form.



Premium Cover

Let our graphic design team wow you with a unique cover designed specifically for your book. Maybe you’d like something beautifully scenic. Perhaps your style is more modern or edgy. Whether simple or elaborate, we can use your preferences to generate the perfect cover. Jot down some ideas or sketch out a framework of what you would like to see. The more specific you can be about what you want, the better we can deliver something that fits your vision. Let us know specific colors you like, images you prefer (i.e., the ocean, sunset, flowers, wildlife), and elements you want to incorporate, and we will accommodate your wishes. If you have personal photographs or artwork you want to use, we are happy to work with them. Please make sure they are ample size, in very good condition, and high resolution. You can include a hard copy with your manuscript or email us a digital file.