Manuscript Layout & Design

A book’s presentation goes well beyond its cover. Your design elements will help determine not only your book’s appearance but also its style and tone. Your layout will influence how your book is perceived, so you want to choose options that best complement your work. It’s important to review each item in this section to ensure your final product appears just as you hope it will in print.


While it is one of a publication’s most basic formatting options, text alignment is still very important. Although left justification is usually the standard for any type of prose or specialty book, poetry books don’t follow a particular rule. As the author, you have full creative license to determine whether a left or centered alignment will best showcase your material.


Your font type helps convey your overall message, so it is important to choose a font that reflects your style. For most genres and formats, you want something clear, simple, and straightforward. The more text you have, the more critical it is to have a font that is easy to read, so a traditional font usually works best for prose. We recommend a 12-point font for the majority of poetry and prose projects.

Book Size

Depending on your project and audience, you will want to tailor your book size accordingly. Ordinarily, standard prose and poetry books with black & white text are 6 x 9 or slightly smaller. Color books with vivid illustrations or photographs tend to be larger in order to maximize the artwork. In this case, 8.5 x 8.5, 8 x 10, and 8.5 x 11 are our most popular sizes. Keep in mind, the larger the book size, the higher the print cost per copy.

Book Size and Pricing

Please click on the chart below to determine which book size would be most appropriate for you. Once you have done so it will show you what the per book price will be in order for your to order copies once it has gone to print. Please remember that if you chose to add additional pages to a package this will increase the per book price.