Choosing Your Package

Step One involves an important decision that will greatly impact how your manuscript takes shape. Before you begin, we highly recommend you make a reasonable estimate of what you are willing to spend and what elements are most important to you in your completed project. Is marketing an essential item for you, or is the book aimed at a smaller, more intimate audience? Is a uniquely designed cover a must-have, or do one of our pre-designed covers accurately convey your intended message to readers? Having a realistic idea of the completed book will be a great aid throughout the process.

To begin, you want to choose the appropriate pricing package for your project, and to do this you will need to select which type of book you wish to publish. We offer four distinct categories.

Prose (Novels, Biographies, etc.)




By clicking on the above links you can view the pricing packages offered under the genre you prefer. Once you have determined the right package, return to this page to continue.



After you’ve chosen your package, you’re ready to customize your order to make sure your book fits your vision perfectly. We offer an extensive array of upgrades to both enhance your manuscript and present it to the world. You can review various options by clicking on the “Upgrades” button, and then return to this page to move on to Step Two.